Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our-Forgotten-About-Trip to Calgary Zoo

So as you know I am currently preparing for our trip to Australia. We have all our passports ready, the kids travel visas and I picked up our plastic Aussie money last week.

For the last 10 days or so, I have had our 3 suitcases laid out and open in our dining room so that when I come across something I want to take along, I put it in the appropriate suitcase. This is my way of hopefully limiting the amount of 'forgotten' treasures that get to come with us.

I have a pretty nice SLR camera that was an upgrade from my pretty nice, yet compact Cannon point and shoot, which was an upgrade from our very first digital camera bought back in 2005. I have all of these cameras so my plan was for the kids to each have one of my old point and shoots to document all the memories they want. I wanted to make sure the SD cards were clear (my kids are totally the type to take 500 photos of clouds, and that is just from our first leg from Edmonton to Calgary!) And lo and behold there were our photos from our trip to Calgary zoo last summer! I had totally forgotten I had even taken photos while we were there! It was a really fun day and in my opinion a lot nicer than the Edmonton Zoo. We had some pretty decent shots of the animals, so I wanted to post them....